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Become a User Experience Certified Ambassador (UXCA) with UX United!

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User Experience United - User Experience Certified Ambassador  (UXCA)


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Empathy plays a key role in the future of UX

Empathy plays a key role in the future of UX

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What is the basic UX toolkit?

What is the basic UX toolkit?

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Definition of UX Design

Definition of UX Design

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UX United - User Experience Certified Ambassador

At UX United, we believe that user experience (UX) plays a fundamental role in the adoption and loyalty of applications and websites. When a user interacts with software (website, application, etc.), they should enjoy a useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable experience.

A User Experience Certified Ambassador (UXCA) knows how to apply a rigorous UX strategy to the software projects they are involved in. This includes many aspects related to usability and accessibility (a11y), which help ensure the overall satisfaction of end users and the success of these software projects. They are also familiar with the essential and relevant UX testing techniques needed to achieve their team's goals.


The UXU (User Experience Certified Ambassador) training and certification program has been designed for all those who wish to strengthen the overall quality and customer satisfaction of the software produced by their company or team. 

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Take the UX United - User Experience Certified Ambassador  (UXU - UXCA)  3-day course with one of our official training providers.

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Certification Exam

Take the certification exam with our certification body Brightest and become a UX Certified Ambassador.


UXCA has been designed for everyone who wants to know more about user experience and how to make their software products (e.g., website, webshops & application) more usable and desirable for their customers.

This course is recommended for: 

  • UX Designers, Visual Designers, Researchers

  • Product Owners, Product Manager, Quality Managers

  • Developers, Decision Makers, Marketeers


Contact UXU


UX United HQ

(Brightest GmbH)
Krausnickstr. 13

Berlin, 10115


+49 176 7689 7461

UX United India

(Indian Testing Board)
Noida, Bangalore, Pune


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