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User Experience 

User Experience Certified Ambassador  (UXCA)

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Get prepared to become a
User Experience Certified Ambassador (UXCA)


Certification Exam

Get UXU-UXCA certified!


Accreditation Support

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UX United - User Experience Certified Ambassador  (UXU - UXCA) 

If you want to become a true user experience ambassador, then you are in the right place. During this 3 day training you will learn everything you need to know to start or enhance your user experience career.


What you will learn?

Day 1

  • The fundamentals of user experience (UX), usability, accessibility (a11y) and the impact of this when users interact with software.

  • The relation of UX, usability, accessibility to customer experience (CX).

  • Usability reviews: what are they, why, and when should they be conducted effectively.


Day 2

  • Usability testing: what is it, why, and when you should do it and how is it done effectively.

  • Discover the creation of usability test plans and task scenarios.

  • Gain findings and insights that can help you improve your software.


Day 3

  • Bring the learned knowledge of the previous days together as parts of a whole.

  • Useful resources and tools that are best practices to propel your career as an “UX Ambassador” to the next level.

  • Taking and discussing the 40-question practice exam to prepare for the UXU - UX Certified Ambassador (UXCA) exam.


After this training, you…

  • know what user experience, usability, and accessibility is;

  • know how UX, usability, accessibility is related to customer experience;

  • know the international standards for UX, usability, and accessibility;

  • know what user personas and archetypes are, why you use them within UX, and how;

  • know what you can learn from heuristic evaluations and usability testing, and how this improves software;

  • are able to conduct heuristic evaluations;

  • know what to test and when in different project stages;

  • are able to write a usability test plan and user task scenarios that are part of this plan;

  • are able to conduct usability tests;

  • can define findings and conclusions from observations;

  • know how to communicate usability findings to stakeholders.


Who should attend?

This training is perfect for you if you are interested in user experience (UX) and/or if you are involved in the creation or improvement of software (for example, a website or an application).

For example, if you want to become, or you are, a UX designer, UX researcher, developer, tester, QA professional, conversion specialist, product owner, e-commerce professional, online marketing professional, a consultant or anyone looking to improve the overall quality and user experience of their software.


Unique benefits:

  • Professional recognized trainers with proven track record in the field of UX, usability and accessibility.

  • Globally recognized certificate.

  • Learning by doing with hands-on exercises that have been created by global experts.


UXCA has been designed for everyone who wants to know more about user experience and how to make their software products (e.g., website, webshops & application) more usable and desirable for their customers.

This course is recommended for: 

  • UX Designers, Visual Designers, Researchers

  • Product Owners, Product Manager, Quality Managers

  • Developers, Decision Makers, Marketeers

How can User Experience United support you?

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